The world’s most expensive company has changed

The most expensive company in the world in terms of market capitalization has again become Saudi Aramco, according to trading data on the Saudi Tadawul exchange and the new York stock exchange (NYSE).

During the September 4 trading session, Apple’s stock price, which previously held the status of the company with the largest capitalization, fell to $ 113.5 per share (by 6.05 percent). Thus, the total cost is 1.9 trillion dollars.

At the same time, the capitalization of Saudi Aramco, the state oil company of Saudi Arabia, is currently equal to 7.9 trillion Saudi riyals, which is equivalent to 2.1 trillion dollars.

The decline in the value of Apple shares is dictated by the General collapse of the us stock market, recorded on September 3. The fall in the NASDAQ technology index, which includes Apple, was four percent, and the company’s capitalization fell by $ 180 billion, which was a record for the entire history.

Saudi Aramco began trading on the Saudi Tadawul exchange at the end of last year after an initial public offering (IPO), which was the largest in history. At the moment, five percent of its securities are in free circulation. At the very beginning of trading, its capitalization exceeded two trillion dollars, but later the stock prices declined.