Tesla will be redesigned for Europeans

At the Tesla plant in Germany, the Model Y will be redesigned for Europeans. The redesign was announced by the company’s founder Elon Musk during a visit to the only European plant, Bloomberg reports.

He clarified that the Model Y, produced in Germany, will not be just a copy of the standard car series.

“This is actually a radical reworking of the basic technology of creating a car,” Musk said, adding that details will be known at the end of September. According to him, in addition to electric cars, the Berlin plant will also produce batteries.

The Grünheide plant will be Tesla’s first production facility in Europe and will be able to produce up to half a million cars a year, with a launch planned for the summer of 2021. Local authorities have promised to support the project, but the plant is actively opposed by local residents. In particular, they are not satisfied with the prospect of mass felling of trees. In addition, the land for the future plant was mined: several unexploded American shells from world war II were found there.